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AWARE Center presents enGlobe Spring School 2022 in Brazil

Top down: Building of UFSC and its logo, team of teaching professors and industry partners, logo of the event (c) THI

From September 26-30, 2022, a Spring School was held at THI’s partner university UFSC at Joinville campus with lectures, themed workshops and visits from local companies BMW, Pollux and Magna. The 2-day workshops covered the topics "Industrial IoT", Automotive Intralogistics", "Applications of Machine Learning" and an "Entrepreneurship Challenge".

THI was present on site in Brazil with 8 students supported by DAAD scholarships and 4 professors from the Faculty of Industrial Engineering (Robert Götz, Daniel Großmann, Ulrich Schlickewei, Gerd Schwandner). In addition, the AWARE team, represented by Harald Göllinger (Scientific Director of the AWARE Center) and Felix Reinhardt (Network & Project Coordinator), was administrating the event in Joinville. From the Brazilian side, 52 students and 5 professors (Gian Ricardo Berkenbrock, James Schipmann Eger, Cristiano Vasconcellos Ferreira, Vanina Macowski Durski Silva and Lucas Weihmann) participated. The event was funded by the DAAD funded project enGlobe of the AWARE Center.

Besides work, there was the opportunity to get to know the country and its people. Some students took the opportunity to travel around Brazil. The German participants were enthusiastic about the hospitality in Joinville. All participants praised the good organization, the German-Brazilian exchange and advocated a repetition of the Spring School!