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AWARE Center succeeds once more in DAAD call HAW.International to internationalize AI Mobility Node Ingolstadt at THI with South America, Asia and Northern Europe

Illustration of an outstretched hand pointing to the flags of Germany, Finland, China and Brazil

In the last five years, THI has become one of the strongest research universities of applied sciences in Germany with third party research funds of round about EUR 20 million per year. Supported by the “Hightech Agenda Bayern”, THI is establishing a hub for AI Mobility research in Bavaria, the so-called AI Mobility Node Ingolstadt. In order to position the recently established AImotion Bavaria Institute also in the international research landscape, the AWARE Center successfully submitted the project AI@motion International to DAAD (German Academic Research Service). The project’s core mission is to establish an international research network with universities and industry partners dedicated to AI and mobility research and make THI internationally visible as a highly attractive research location for international researchers.

Within the following two years, THI will organize strategy meetings with the strategic partner countries Brazil, Finland and China, AI hackathons between all four countries as well as a yearly AI network conference at THI to consolidate the established network. In order to raise more international research funds, THI research professors will be incentivized to do international research, offering personal assistance in application procedures, funding for international research trips and event support for international research workshops at THI. Furthermore, digital tools will support the research networking offering specific match-making tools via an interactive research platform MOVE Research. “Within the AI Mobility Node Ingolstadt, we analyze mobility ecosystems, such as autonomous mobility in its 2nd and 3rd dimension: driving and flying. With AI@motion International, we will expand mobility of our students and researchers to a 4th dimension: to study and research internationally,” stresses out Munir Georges, AI professor for text and speech recognition at THI.

AI@motion International was kicked off in January 2021 with an overall budget of EUR 400.000 for two years in the DAAD program „HAW.International (Modul A), a new opportunity for German universities of applied sciences to use internationalization as a strategic tool to strengthening their visibility in the global scientific community. Together with the project enGlobe – engineers go global (2019-2023), it is already the second approved project at THI in this still very new call by DAAD.

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