First Edition (November 2020):

Automated Flying or Driving? How Do We Move in the Future?

Current Trends in Germany and Latin America

Recorded Sessions

Session 1: Driving or Flying - Rethinking Mobility of the Future

  • Future Mobility - What's next?

Prof. Dr. Thomas Becker, professor for Digital Automotive Management at Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt

  • Urban Air Mobility - A Brief Overview on Airbus' Strategy

José Carlos Ramos Fernández, Project Manager for Programs & Strategy at Airbus Urban Mobility

  • Creating the Urban Air Mobility Ecosystem in Brazil

Daniel Moczydlower, President & CEO EmbraerX, Embraer's market accelerator


Session 2: Driving Electric Mobility - The Battle for Electric Car Supremacy

  • Safety of Lithium Ion Battery Systems

Prof. Dr. Hans-Georg Schweiger, Head of CARISSMA Institute of Electric, Connected and Secure Mobility (C-ECOS) & Professor for Electric Mobiltity at Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt

  • Batteries. A Central Problem to Electric Car Supremacy

Prof. Dr. Patricio Rodolfo Impinnisi, Professor for Electrical Engineering at Federal University of Paraná and Battery Researcher at Lactec (Institute of Technology for Development)

  • Electric Mobility in Argentina: Ways to Introduce New Automotive Trends to the Market

Mariano Jimena, President of AAVEA (Argentinean Association of Electric Vehicles) & Director of ALAMOS (Latin American Sustainable Mobility Association)

Session 3: Automated Driving - Still an Utopian Dream?

  • Automated Driving: Vision versus Reality

Prof. Dr. Werner Huber, Research Professor and Head of CARISSMA Institute of Automated Driving (C-IAD) at Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt

  • Autonomous Driving Supported by Cognitive Agents

Prof. Dr. Marcio Netto, Professor for Electrical Engineering of University of São Paulo

  • Automated Driving in Chile: The Chilean Smart City Revolution

Pablo Pérez Leiva, Founder of Innspatial

Session 4: IoT & Agility - Hype or Chance?

  • Business Model: Mobility Insurance in the Digital Era

Dr. Matthias Herz, Product Manager at PI Labs GmbH

  • Application: Improved Public Transportation Realized Through IoT

Markus Jungermann, Managing Director of PI Labs GmbH

  • Methodology: How Agile Methods Are Working in the Rigid Environment of Truck Development

Dr. Andrea Nobbe, Business Unit Manager Project Management at Pixida GmbH

  • IoT in Brazil: IoT Opportunities at Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations

Manuel Steidle, Engineer at Certi Research Foundation


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