It Has Changed My Point Of View!

When I was arriving home at night, I saw an email about an “eMobility Forum” that was going to happen at the Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt. Three students of our university would be selected to get a scholarship to attend it. So I signed up for the selection. I could not believed at first when I received the message that I have been choosen to attend the Forum.  

We have received a lot of useful information about the event before it getting started. I saw that the organizing committee have put a lot of efforts in their work to provided us with a really good event. And so it was! 
André Lima, Andre Born and I stayed at an apartment not very far from the THI, so that we could do everything by foot. We found it on the internet and had a lot of luck with it, because it was great!  

Probably the first thing that caught my attention was the readiness to help from everyone, especially Ms. Anne-Sophie Lohmeier, Tobias Reger, Thiago Rios and Prof. Dr. Jünger and more. They did it with a pleasant way, it was not like “we must do it” way. This surely made the time there even more enjoyable. 
The event consisted of many lectures, presentations and also some tours. I can’t comment on them all individually, but even not understanding every lecture to its details, since I am a Mechanical Engineering student, I think I can say that I have gained some knowledge from any of them. I had a little-minded point of view about it, but after attended the eMobility Forum, I came back to Brazil with a whole different opinion of the subject. 
The most interesting lecture was the BMW i – Born electric. Like most people, I thought the BMW i3 was “just” another try to make an electric car, but it is a whole new concept of a car! And not just this: it is a whole new production concept reaching for a most sustainable way to manufacture cars! After the presentation, the answers to the questions were also very pragmatic and down to earth, and were so simple to agree with. 
Another presentation that I liked a lot was the Braking (just) for losers – eMobility strategy of Audi. It was really interesting to understand, not just the Audi point of view on the eMobility subject, but the presenter, Thomas Müller, gave a really open-minded and easy to understand overview on the whole theme and how the different companies are pursuing their goals.

The visit to Audi was also one of the great highlights of the week. I had never visited a car production site before, so it was even more fascinating to me. Watching the different steps of the production raised my interest in the automotive field even more. I also liked the city tour a lot. It was very nice to understand a little about the cities old buildings and their history, apart from just seeing them every day. Here again, the animation and sympathy of our tour guide (whose name I unfortunately don’t remember) made the excursion even more interesting. Still talking about the social events, the night at the Biergarten was awesome. Not just because there was beer, but because we had the opportunity to know some German students and to have some talks in a more casual way.

Last but not least, the 4th Day of eMobility Ingolstadt was really great. I had the opportunity to talk to people from different companies and establish some contacts that may help me in my future professional life. 
The eMobility Forum was really awesome to say the least. I had great expectations and they were all overcome. I learned and experienced a lot and hope some day I will get a similar opportunity again.  

Thanks to everyone involved! 
Fred Lucas Peters Waldow