It was an amazing event!

Before the II. eMobility Forum in Ingolstadt I have also attended the I. eMobility Forum in Joinville and the Summer School at UFSC. All three AWARE events were amazing opportunities to learn more about a field in which I am very interested in.

From the lectures we have learned what was being developed in the Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt and companies related to electric vehicles of all kinds. After that we had a chance to get in touch with the companies that were part of the eMobility Forum. Talking with them during the 4th Day of eMobility, which was also an amazing event.   
Being in a Formula SAE team, we focus a lot on eMobility for the automotive industry, but we could see a lot of examples of electric vehicles for more entertaining purposes, either by giving a unique form of locomotion or for practicing sports. 
Overall, the lectures were accessible enough for us to understand and still very informative. We brought back home a lot of knowledge we did not have before and I am sure that these knowledge will be very useful for us.

The organization team was excellent. They received us well and made sure that we were well informed about the events and that we would enjoy it. I would like to thank everyone involved in this event for the amazing job they did and I hope that there will be many more of those in the future.  

Best regards,