Leila Deng

Before I traveled to Ingolstadt, I already had received a lot of information from Anne Sophie Lohmeier, especially about the transportation, the program’s schedule, and the hostel where I stayed for a week. It helped me to be prepared for the journey, so my arrival was really pleasant.

I enjoyed the whole program inclusive the presentation of many companies, which opened my mind about the newest application of technology. By attending a normal class in the Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt, I saw a different education model comparing with Brazil. In German, students express more their own ideas in class. Then the laboratory tour was interesting, because it showed me the different research equipment and environment. The entire social program presented to me a lot of German culture variety. I had many good memories about local food and beer with Anh Tuyet Tran who helped me a lot during the whole program.  
The opening of the CARISMA impressed me a lot, because the infrastructure of the laboratory was very professional for a university. I also saw a strong relationship of industry with the university, which is rare in Brazilian university. The cooperation with German students in Telemetric project was very nice. They showed me a perfect teamwork. Professors were very friendly and helpful. They taught me a lot of knowledge and experience. I had a great time working with them.

I hope more Brazilian students could experiment this program, because it really inspired me by showing different side of being an engineer in real life. In the same way, I think that will be very interesting if German students can have opportunity to come to Brazil to learn different knowledge and culture.

I really appreciate Anne Sophie Lohmeier, Anh Tuyet Tran, Professor Ewaldo Luiz M. Mehl, Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt and the Federal University of Parana for giving the opportunity.