Priscila Vieira

As soon as the opportunity to participate on the “eMobility Forum” was released I felt interested to apply. A year ago I had applied to a semester scholarship in THI through AWARE Program, so I had already researched about the THI and wanted to know the school, as well as the city of Ingolstadt.

When we arrived, we felt enchanted about the city, that is very different of everything that we know in Brazil, even though we have German colonization very near from where I live. The first day was very important to me because was when I got first impressions, and everything seemed so organized and we were very welcomed by Ms. Lohmeier. Also was when we first met the group of masters students we worked with in the Workshop B. Very important to me was also participating on the CARISSMA opening ceremonial,  that could show how much THI is important to technologic and automotive development and its close and mutual relation with the industry.

During the week, we have attended to the lectures, from important companies professionals, such as Comtrade and Audi, as well as from bachelor students, on Tuesday. About the students presentations, I thought they were very well prepared, and I naturally compared with Brazilian students and myself. For start, I have heard before that in Germany everybody speaks English as well as other languages, but I really appreciate to see how important it is, and how it impacts on the image. Back in Brazil it would never be possible for the students on bachelor degree to make a whole presentation in English. Futhermore, the quality of the content, the domain of the students and preparation were admirable.

Other activity that was very important to me was the tour in some of the THI’s Labs, that was another example of how well prepared and zealous the School is in my point of view. We went to the labs and in each of them we could see the staff, that presented the function of the lab, its routine, the equipments and its importance. In the robotics lab we were presented to the software developed by THI to control and give commands to robots. In the electronic lab we were presented to the equipment and the classes routine. In the aeromechanics lab, Professor Gollinger told us about the project of the plane prototype project they are working on.

The most enriching activity for me was to work with Andre, Josephine, Tom and Guilherme in the Workshop about ‘driverless vehicle applications and the influence on future mobility products and service’, where me and Guilherme have helped develop an idea that were ongoing already. Andre, Josephine, Tom have idealized a project they called “Hub system”, that consists in a project that counts with the use of driverless vehicles in order to optimize the passengers flux in airports. We spent five afternoons together discussing the best alternatives and solutions to each problem, and the best application of our knowledge about the airports worst problems and how the system could minimize those problems. The result was a lot of apprenticeship and a presentation, that we did on Friday, that I believe we have done it the best way. 

For my part, what stayed was the feeling that wasn’t time enough to enjoy everything THI has to offer, but I tried my best to absorb all the knowledge I could out of this experience. Certainly it was a lifetime experience, since it was the first time I have traveled alone and to Europe, but it certainly was worth all the worry before! Finnaly, it was great to meet Ms. Lohmeier, Anh and the Professors, and I certainly spent a great time with Leila, Maikol and Guilherme, which I believe I have made friends for life.

June 15th, 2016.
Florianópolis, Brazil