Benefits of PUCPR

The Polytechnic School is characterized by academic excellence and a modern infrastructure with high technology labs, support for technological innovation, and the latest generation learning environment. It is also characterized by development of projects with companies, a learning by competencies curriculum, extracurricular activities and humanist principles that guide faculty members and students in the search for knowledge that impacts society.

Internationalization opens the university’s doors to the world. PUCPR believes it is necessary to go beyond borders to ensure that global knowledge, research, and human development are accessible to all.

For that purpose, it has:

  • Partnership with 280+ higher education institutions around the world.
  • 100+ courses taught in foreign language, in different undergraduate programs.
  • 500+ undergraduate students enrolled in exchange programs every year (incoming and outgoing).
  • Presence of international faculty and researchers from all over the world at PUCPR.
  • Double degree agreements with universities worldwide.




Prof. Emerson Cabrera Paraiso
AWARE-Coordinator at PUCPR
Tel.: +55 41 3271 1669