Benefits of UFPR

UFPR has currently 56,035 students, of whom 40,591 are undergraduate students, 9,126 are graduate students on master’s or doctoral programs, and 6,318 graduate students on professional certificate programs. We have a total of 2,570 faculty members, of whom nearly 20% are supported by research funding by CNPq (National Council for Scientific and Technological Development) and Araucária Foundation for Scientific and Technological Development of Paraná State (FA), the main research funding body of the state of Paraná (see page 44/45). The total number of administrative staff comprises 1,945 employees, of whom 20% also possess a master’s or doctoral degree, and yet another 38% hold a terminal degree or certification in their respective professional fields.

In addition, we are all very proud of the good academic results of this automotive network, most especially the double-degree program, which we were able to establish with THI in the fields of Mechanical, Electrical and Automotive Engineering.

Besides research and teaching, as a comprehensive university, we have dedicated special attention and resources to our Third Mission, our service to society since our beginnings. UFPR is highly committed to serving our social community through the actions of a special organizational unit, our PROEC (Pro-Vice-Chancellor’s Office for Extension and Culture, see page 178 ff.). PROEC’s mission is to foster innovative and transformative social spaces through actions based on the creativity derived from cultural and service-oriented practices and policies, grounding its actions in the production of knowledge in interaction with the social community outside the university. Thanks to our long tradition in service to society, we have a variety of success stories, such as: K-12 initiatives to promote culture and science; technical support for the social and economic development of small farmers, indigenous and quilombola communities, as well as to poor peripheral urban communities concerning health-related issues.




Prof. Ewaldo Luiz M. Mehl
AWARE-Coordinator at UFPR
Tel.: +55 41 98888 7004