Benefits of UFSC

UFSC has 15 centers that cover a wide spectrum in the field of professional formation, offering 118 undergraduate courses and 131 graduate courses that currently serve a universe of more than 46 thousand students. To meet this demand, the University has the collaboration of 2,300 teaching staff and 3,200 technical administrative staff in education.

UFSC offers more than 7,000 places for graduate courses: 76 masters, and 55 PhD courses. It has a high level of qualification, recognized as one of the best universities in Brazil. Times Higher Education survey placed our institution as the 12th in Latin America and 3rd among the federal universities of Brazil. This position increases the commitment of our staff to maintain the excellence in research and extension. In the technological domain, one of the most advanced of the institution, UFSC offers 31 undergraduate courses; most of them are nationally recognized as one of the best. Our university is also aligned to international cooperation. We have more than 300 cooperation agreements with prestigious institutions around the world, exchanging students and lectures, or joining researchers from different areas, working under a scientific and technological collaboration.




Prof. Maurício de Campos Porath
AWARE-Coordinator at UFSC
Tel.: +55 48 3721 6451