Benefits of EAFIT

EAFIT is a place to study and learn, but also to investigate, innovate, create, walk around, experience culture, feel a sense of wellbeing.

Located on the south side of Medellín, in the El Poblado sector, the main campus covers nearly 128,000 square meters and features blocks of classrooms, offices, laboratories, sport fields, auditoriums, small squares, gardens and other spaces conducive to research and other academic pursuits, as well as athletic, cultural and leisure activies.

EAFIT currently has six schools: Management, Engineering, Law, Humanities, Economics and Finance, and Sciences. The academic departments that make up those schools offer 21 undergraduate, 60 graduate certificate, 34 master’s degree, and 5 doctorate programs.

The university’s Metro System eases students’ transition among different academic cycles, providing undergraduate students the opportunity to take courses that will later be recognized when they begin their graduate studies.






Natalia Ortiz

Head Summer School

Phone: + 57 4 261 9500, ext: 8783