Benefits of USP

  • COMPREHENSIVE: The individual schools encompass all academic areas and include 183 undergraduate programs and 269 graduate programs.
  • PRODUCTIVE: Its scientific production corresponds to at least 22% of all that is produced in Brazil.
  • PIONEERING: It holds a highly respectable position in the most important international rankings of teaching and research institutions.
  • TUITION FREE: The university does not charge its students for tuition.
  • TRADITIONAL: Its schools are among the oldest higher education institutions in the country. They have been responsible for generating knowledge since the early 19th century.
  • PRESTIGIOUS: Having an undergraduate or graduate degree from USP facilitates access to excellent job opportunities in Brazil and abroad.
  • EXTENSIVE: It occupies a total area of approximately 76,440,000m2, of which more than 1,980,000m2 correspond to University buildings.

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Prof. Dr. Sérgio Muniz Oliva Filho
Associate Director for International Cooperation