Growing the network for AI & mobility with partners from research and industry - I. International AI@motion Research Workshop

Screenshot of the participants of the workshop

Screenshot of the participants of the workshop. Source: THI

On April 27th and 28th, the AWARE Center launched the new project AI@motion International organizing the I. International Research Workshop “AI in Mobility Research” with round about 90 national and international researchers and companies dedicated to AI to discuss about cutting edge AI and mobility topics. Although the pandemic currently challenges the world to stay distant, the workshop succeeded in connecting relevant stakeholders from universities and industries - from Germany such as Audi, Airbus, SyroCon and LiangDao, from Brazil such as Center4AI, Embraer, IBM, USP, and Unicamp, and from Finland such as Sensible4, Moprim, University of Helsinki, and Turku University of Applied Sciences - to talk about current AI challenges in the automotive industry, aviation and IT. The interactive poster sessions encouraged the participants to develop joint projects in the field of machine-learning, intelligent autonomous vehicles, security in automated driving, sensor systems, and more.

Prof. Marcio Lobo Netto, professor of the partner University of São Paulo and AI-coordinator in Brazil, “It was a great opportunity and honor to participate at the I. International AI@motion Research Workshop. From a personal point of view, the standard of the participating researchers was very high. People from science, technology and industry came together, willing to cooperate and get in contact with each other. I am excited to move forward with the connections provided by our new project AI@motion International.”

The next step is to support the researchers and companies in their efforts to develop and pursue joint research regarding AI and mobility. If you are interested in becoming part of the AI network and getting in contact with our network partners, please contact the project coordinator

AI@motion International is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and DAAD (German Academic Research Service) with an overall budget of EUR 400.000 for 2021/2022 in the program „HAW.International (Modul A)”. See more information on the AWARE Website:

Later this year, in November, we will host our First International AI@motion Network Conference at THI. Stay updated on future events provided by AI@motion International via LinkedIn: