eng.join! Scholarship Program with UFSC (Brazil)

For EGM students for a semester abroad at UFSC, Joinville

You are an undergraduate student of Engineering and Management of THI interested in studying in Brazil in English?

Apply for a DAAD scholarship of our project eng.join! of THI!


Exclusively students from Engineering and Management ("Intern. Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen") (B. Eng.) holding the German citizenship and having completed at least 3 semesters before the stay abroad can receive the scholarship.

In case you have a citizenship other than German, you can receive the scholarship if you fulfill at least the following requirements:
- You have a valid residence permit for Germany.
- You will have completed at least 4 semesters at a German university before the stay abroad or have any other connection to Germany shown in your CV (e.g. attendance at a German school).
- Brazil is not your country of origin/home country.

Please find former and current calls for application below.


Scholarship, eligibility, administration:

Curriculum abroad/ credit points:

Programme director and Academic advisor Engineering and Management (Bachelor)
Prof. Dr. Andrea Eisenberg
Phone: +49 841 9348-3525
Room: A215