Photo of 15 men and women holding the Bavarian flag

Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences drives forward strategic networking with Latin America

THI President Professor Walter Schober traveled to South America with a delegation from the AWARE Center to further expand cooperation with local… more
Photo of Felix Reinhardt with five Brazilian colleagues holding the Bavarian and Brazilian flags.

High demand for THI degree programmes and successful cooperation with renowned universities

The European Student Fair, sponsored by the European Union, took place in São Paulo on 27 and 28 October. The AWARE team from THI was represented… more
Image of two pedestrians on a zebra crossing in Facens, with a red car in the background and parked vehicles to the side.

Conecta 2030 Project: Advancing Safety with Cutting-Edge Technology

Exciting news! THI (Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt) has joined hands with the IP Facens (Research Institute of the Facens University Center), TIM… more


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