Overview of single events

The premiere in 2013 in Florianópolis was about the joint development of an electric four-wheel drive and the subsequent design of a German-Brazilian electric motor.


In 2014, the one-week program in Ingolstadt included specialist lectures on topics such as "Battery Systems", "Vehicle Electrification", "Driving Dynamics" and "Future Opportunities of Mobility in International Comparison" as well as guest lectures and presentations by surrounding companies.


In 2015, the teams in Florianópolis dealt with the topics "Designing a battery system", "Reducing driving resistance" and "Future mobility" in three focus groups.


In 2016 in Ingolstadt, the focus was on questions of creating telemetry systems to evaluate the driving performance of electric karts and future scenarios for driverless vehicle applications.


In 2017, during the forum in Florianopólis, the workshop developed a concept for implementing Torque Vectoring on an electric vehicle using artificial intelligence.


In 2018, an app was to be developed in Ingolstadt that would allow spectators during a car race to experience all data relating to the racing car in real time, regardless of their location.


AWARE in motion: Electromobility at THI


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Further Information

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