AWARE+SHARE connects the world despite the pandemic

Abbildung: Die fünf Speaker und Moderatoren der Session 4

The speakers and moderators of Session 4

Abbildung eines Mannes am am Mikrofon

Markus Jungermann, Managing Director PI Labs GmbH

Abbildung einer Frau am Mikrofon

Anne-Sophie Kopytynski, Managing Director AWARE

The AWARE Center of the Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt relies on new digital exchange formats and reaches 400 participants from 20 countries. International networking is also possible virtually – proof is the newly established series of events called AWARE+SHARE originated by the Latin American Center of the Technische Hochschule. The event’s theme “Driving or Flying - How do we move in the future? Current Trends in Germany and Latin America” was discussed during four online sessions that were all about the current technological trends in future mobility such as Urban Air Mobility, Autonomous Driving, Electromobility and Internet of Things while focusing especially on Latin America.

The topic was academically introduced by a team of professors from THI and a Latin American university, followed by industry experts that are working for the key players in the mobility industry, giving insights into the current state of technology in specific countries in Latin America (in this case: Brazil, Argentina and Chile).

Within Bavaria, the online sessions were developed together with the network partners Pixida and Airbus as well as with the brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer and were aiming equally at university and corporate audiences. Due to a simple, virtual launch as well as global marketing measures shared on various Social Media Channels of the network partners, AWARE+SHARE managed to reach over 400 participants from 20 countries. Due to its great success, the concept will be reoccuring in the future taking place once a year. Even after the pandemic, the online audience will remain an integral part of the event series. As soon as the Corona safety measures allow us to do so, we will continue to combine the online sessions with a stage event joined by a presence audience.

AWARE+SHARE was funded by the German Academic Exchange Service, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, and the Federal Ministry for International Cooperation and Development.
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