Amazing Experiences gained!

The only comment I have was about the program. There were some changes I didn’t know until the day when the Forum began (there were lectures as program). But it was explained to us on the first day we arrived, so everything went well after all.

The German organization team was excellent! They did everything to make us feel welcome and comfortable, took care of anything we needed and were always there to answer our questions. 
Special thanks to Ms. Lohmeier, Prof. Schweiger, Prof.Göllinger, Tobias Reger, Thiago Rios and Hannes and all the team. I´m sorry if I have forgot someone.

As I said before, I think it would be nice if the event will offer more workshops  next time. But the event on the 4th day of eMobility was a terrific experience for us. We got in touch with companies, that are developing electric vehicles. We talked to them, ask questions, see the components and that was an amazing experience.

To summarize, it was definitely an amazing experience on the professional and personal side. I learned a lot, got to know very capable people that are on my professional field with the same interest and I have made good friends. Thanks for the opportunity!  

Best Regards   
Thiago Carvalho