Challenge winner visit USP in Brazil

The winners of the challenge in São Paulo

The winners of the challenge in São Paulo. Source: Private/Andreas Riegler & Diogo Luz

THI students with Prof. Marcio Lobo Netto at USP

THI students with Prof. Marcio Lobo Netto at USP. Source: Private/Andreas Riegler & Diogo Luz

At the SIICUSP 2022

At the SIICUSP 2022. Source: Private/Andreas Riegler & Diogo Luz

Participants of the 2nd AI@motion Challenge had the opportunity to compete with the best international students from partner universities, take part in an innovation challenge, develop a new business idea, and be awarded a trip to an educational event abroad as well as receive support with their business endeavours.

The challenge was organized by the project AI@motion International and the Center of Entrepreneurship of Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt (THI). Ph.D. students, Master students and Bachelor students were invited to accept a challenge on the theme of "AI for mobility in rural areas".

Having won first and second prize, THI students Andreas Riegler and Diogo Luz were invited to one of the most renowned universities in Latin America, the University São Paulo, for a short research visit and with the goal to present their AI concepts at SIICUSP - the International Symposium of Scientific and Technological Initiation at USP. Their visit helped strengthening AWARE Center’s international ties to Brazil as the agenda included networking with students and professors from USP.

The students had the opportunity to present their research to and gather feedback from USP students with different academic backgrounds, including computer science, social sciences and psychology, and sustainability. Back at THI, the Center of Entrepreneurship will mentor the two innovators to explore further development of their ideas.

After their research activities, they found time to go sight-seeing and explore the fourth biggest city in the world. “Since it was during the time of the football world cup it was a wonderful atmosphere to be around such cheerful and warm people. At THI, with our multicultural students and workforce, we also celebrate diversity and individual capabilities and skills. Such research and networking programs definitely help widening our horizons and increasing our consciousness about new markets.”

We thank the other participants in the challenge, and a special thank you to our jurors Prof. Dr. Marcio Lobo Netto from Universidade de São Paulo, Michael N. Keller from CARIAD and Valentin Kamm from Achtzig20.

The project AI@motion International, funded by the DAAD, promotes international networking on the topics of AI and mobility with the strategic partner countries Brazil, China, and Finland.