First Spring School at UFSC successfully concluded

Prof. Dr. Harald Göllinger holds his workshop "New Technologies in the Automotive Industry"

During a workshop about the internet of things

In early November UFSC and THI organized the first Automotive Spring School in Joinville. 111 participants from different engineering study courses had the opportunity to attend various workshops as well as interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and experiences.
The workshops mainly focused on industry 4.0, internet of things, new technologies in the automotive field and other topics. There were 8 workshops in total which were held by professors of THI and UFSC as well as partner companies like Pixida, Pollux, 3D Tech and Termica Solutions. On behalf of THI Prof. Dr. Elke Feifel and Prof. Dr. Harald Göllinger of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering were attending and held a workshop each.
The Spring School took place with support of AIM, a German-Brazilian project funded by DAAD (2018-2021) which goal it is to transfer application-oriented teaching and study courses to Brazil in a sustainable way. The concept of an application-oriented Summer School with involvement of local industrial partners at UFSC was put in action for the first time. It was a follow-up event of a previous 2-week guest visit of a UFSC professor at the Summer School at THI in 2018.
UFSC as well as industrial partners Pollux and Pixida are members of the German-Brazilian AWARE network, which also organizes Summer Schools and the regular eMobility forum in Brazil and Germany.